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We're a micro studio based in UK and Italy, crazily passionate and focused on making digital and analogue games, discovering the best out of both mediums.

Locogame consists of two mad developers; Luke Perkin, the founder and the technical brain of the company. With 6 years experience in film and music before he became a game developer, Luke has an eye for cinematography and a deep understanding of storytelling. The other half is Francesco Tammacaro, a true Italian and the art brain. Francesco also has deep understanding of Virtual Reality from his studies at EON Reality.




A party game for 6 to 11 players. As a band of pirates, players attempt to open six locked treasure chests that can only be unlocked with a specific combination of keys. Players need to trust each other to co-operate but there is a catch. There is a hidden team of 'blaggards' whose goal is to sabotage the pirates and keep the chests shut tight.


SEN is a minimalistic puzzle game with an elegant design. There are no text tutorials and instead players are challenged to learn the rules as they play. The rules vary depending on numbers, shapes and colours and are easy to pick up but tricky to master. Alongside the sophisticated gameplay is a gorgeous and relaxing soundtrack which enhances the Zen experience of the app.


Locogame often helps organise play-testing events (the practice of playing games that are still in development to give the designers feedback) in Manchester. Since 2014 Luke Perkin has been organising North West Playtesters, a monthly meetup that takes place at MadLab (Manchester Digital Laboratory).

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If you share our fascination with interactive experiences we would love to work with you. Between us both we have over 20 years of experience with game design, programming, graphic design, virtual reality, augmented reality, web development and storytelling. We want to help your concepts come to life, whether that means we're involved in a small way or along with you for the whole journey.


Contact Luke Perkin
+44 (0) 7955 652733
Twitter: @locogameluke


Contact Francesco Tammaccaro
+39 (0) 3335205071
Instagram: @franks_pencil