Locogame makes crazy fun video games & tabletop games in Manchester, UK.

A micro games studio making kickass games. At the moment, Locogame consists of one crazy game developer, Luke Perkin. When needed, we have a network of rockstar freelancers we can rely on. Got a project on the go and could use a hand? Locogame would love to help. We can offer our services to something that is a quick one day task right up to managing an entire project from prototype to market.

The things we do and have done:

Kitten Kingdoms

No cat rules alone. Kitten Kingdoms is a multiplayer realtime strategy game, where turns happen each hour. Survive your dynasty of kittens and manipulate your way to power.

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SEN: Seven Eight Nine

SEN is a Zen puzzle game with an elegant design. There are no text tutorials and instead players are challenged to learn the rules as they play. The rules vary depending on numbers, shapes and colours and are easy to pick up but tricky to master. Alongside the sophisticated gameplay is a gorgeous and relaxing soundtrack which enhances the Zen experience of the app.

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A booty lootin' parrrty game with a splash o' betrayal. Blaggards is Locogame's debut board game title. Up to 11 players can play this game of social deception and deduction. Blaggards will be funded via Kickstarter later this year.

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Propagate is a system for Unity that allows your game environments to incorporate immersive audio that realistically propagates throughout your scene's geometry while being fast and efficient.

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Digital Signals

An educational game we designed and developed for U.S. education company: Legends of Learning. This short game teaches middle school students the concept of digital signals and how binary can be used to send useful information.

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LocoFlow is tool for creating live and interactive diagrams that model systems. It is inspired by the diagrams found in Donnella H. Meadows' book "Thinking in Systems", LOOPY by Nicky Case and Machinations by Joris Dormans.



Luke Perkin

Founder & Game Developer

luke@locogame.co.uk +44 (0) 07955 652733 Twitter Github